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Dolphin Zek APK: How to Run Wii and GameCube Games on Android with High Quality Graphics

Yes, Dolphin Emulator is free. The first version of the emulator, in 2003, had a proprietary license. In 2008, however, Dolphin Emulator was moved to a GPLv2 license, and in 2013 it was relicensed with GPLv2+.

Dolphin is a project that sees use from a wide variety of users. We want to make sure everyone has a good experience, but many of those users desires may not only not overlap, but may even conflict with one another. A casual user looking to plug and play their favorite game will want a very simple, easy to use emulator, while an advanced user looking to exploit their powerful hardware for all it can do will want a wide breath of features that allow them to enhance and fine tune their experience. To handle this, we carefully balance our different user needs to apply to as many users as possible, then have more advanced features hidden for those that need them. Our internal resolution selection is a perfect example of this. Right now, our UI only exposes up to 8x Native (5120x4224). According to the Steam Hardware Survey as of this writing, that will cover more than 98% of users. This minimizes our exposed options, prevents people who may not know what the option does from potentially crashing their graphics drivers, and allows basically everyone to meet or exceed the maximum resolution of their display.

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