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Download __LINK__ DVDFab Patch

The online instller and the patch/reg info still work.At the moment I just rename the main exe "Blufab.exe" back to "dvdfab.exe", It work as before.Hence, I think, just update the online installer will do.

Download DVDFab Patch


9144 was for BluFab and has been removed (no more updated since June 6, 2014)DVDFab 9 Online download this setup: =DVDFAB9and use BRD patch (BRD.dll Unique left?)Different: 18 means another version.If you provides another patch and another download link for setup, I can try to update.

if it works, I have used it several times but when downloading another version it stopped working, it works perfectly but I made the mistake of updating.After installing, rename dvfab64.exe to dvdfab.exe


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