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Beskrajna priča: kako da preuzmete i pročitate ovu čarobnu knjigu u PDF formatu

Beskrajna Prica Knjiga PDF Download

Beskrajna Prica, or The Neverending Story, is a fantasy novel by German author Michael Ende, published in 1979. It tells the story of a young boy named Bastian who escapes from his unhappy life by reading a mysterious book that transports him to the magical world of Fantasia, where he becomes a hero and a savior.

beskrajna prica knjiga pdf download


If you are looking for a way to download Beskrajna Prica knjiga PDF, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to find and download this classic fantasy novel in PDF format for free. You will also learn more about the author, the plot, and the themes of Beskrajna Prica.

Who is Michael Ende?

Michael Ende was a German writer of children's and fantasy literature. He was born in 1929 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. He grew up during the Nazi regime and witnessed the horrors of World War II. He studied art and theater, but his career as a writer began when he wrote a script for a puppet show based on one of his stories.

Ende became famous for his novels Momo (1973) and The Neverending Story (1979), which have been translated into more than 40 languages and adapted into films, musicals, and video games. He also wrote other books such as Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (1960), The Night of Wishes (1973), and The Mirror in the Mirror (1984). He died in 1995 in Stuttgart, Germany.

What is Beskrajna Prica about?

Beskrajna Prica is a novel that combines elements of fantasy, adventure, and metafiction. It is divided into two parts: the first part follows Bastian's journey in Fantasia, while the second part follows his return to reality and his quest to restore Fantasia.

The novel begins with Bastian stealing a book called The Neverending Story from an old bookstore. He hides in his school's attic and starts reading it. He soon discovers that the book is not an ordinary one: it is alive and interactive, and it draws him into its pages.

The book tells the story of Fantasia, a world of imagination that is threatened by a mysterious force called the Nothing, which erases everything it touches. The Childlike Empress, the ruler of Fantasia, is dying from a mysterious illness, and she sends a young warrior named Atreyu to find a cure. Atreyu embarks on a perilous journey across Fantasia, encountering various creatures and challenges along the way.

Bastian becomes fascinated by Atreyu's adventures and starts to identify with him. He realizes that he can influence the story by using his own imagination. He also learns that he is the only one who can save Fantasia by giving the Childlike Empress a new name. However, to do so, he has to enter Fantasia himself.

Bastian enters Fantasia through a magic mirror and meets the Childlike Empress. He gives her the name Moonchild and receives a medallion called AURYN, which grants him unlimited wishes. He decides to stay in Fantasia and create his own stories. However, he soon becomes corrupted by his power and forgets his true identity and his mission. He also loses his memories of his life in reality.

Bastian's friends in Fantasia try to help him remember who he is and why he came to Fantasia. They also warn him that every time he makes a wish, he loses a part of his memory and gives it to the Nothing. Bastian realizes that he has to return to reality before he loses himself completely. He also learns that he has to complete a task in order to leave Fantasia: he has to find his true will.

Bastian goes on a journey of self-discovery across Fantasia, facing his fears, regrets, and desires. He also encounters enemies who want to stop him or take advantage of him. He eventually finds his true will and returns to reality with AURYN. He reconciles with his father and returns the book to the bookstore owner. He also promises to share his stories with other children.

What are the themes of Beskrajna Prica?

Beskrajna Prica explores various themes such as imagination, storytelling, identity, responsibility, friendship, courage, love, and hope. It shows how stories can inspire us, challenge us, transform us, and connect us with others. It also shows how imagination can be a source of joy and creativity, but also of danger and delusion.

The novel also reflects on the relationship between fiction and reality, between fantasy and truth. It questions the boundaries between them and invites us to participate in them. It suggests that stories are not only escapism but also empowerment. It also suggests that reality is not fixed but fluid, shaped by our perceptions and choices.

How to download Beskrajna Prica knjiga PDF?

If you want to download Beskrajna Prica knjiga PDF for free, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Visit website ( where you can find Beskrajna Prica digitalized version in PDF or E-PUB format.

  • Visit Scribd website ( where you can find Beskrajna Prica uploaded by a user in RTF or PDF format.

  • Visit DOKUMEN.TIPS website ( where you can find Beskrajna Prica text version in PDF format.

However, before you download Beskrajna Prica knjiga PDF from any of these websites, make sure you respect the author's rights and follow their terms of use. Also, be careful about viruses or malware that might infect your device.

A better option would be to buy Beskrajna Prica knjiga from an online bookstore or an e-book platform such as Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books. This way you can support the author and enjoy reading this amazing novel on your preferred device.

Why should you read Beskrajna Prica?

Beskrajna Prica is not only a captivating and imaginative novel, but also a profound and meaningful one. It explores universal themes such as the power of stories, the nature of imagination, the quest for identity, the responsibility of choice, and the value of friendship. It also offers a rich and diverse depiction of Fantasia, a world that reflects the dreams and fears of humanity.

Beskrajna Prica is a novel that appeals to readers of all ages and backgrounds. It is a novel that can inspire you, challenge you, transform you, and connect you with others. It is a novel that can make you laugh, cry, wonder, and hope. It is a novel that can change your life.

How to read Beskrajna Prica?

Beskrajna Prica is a novel that can be read in different ways and levels. You can read it as a simple and entertaining adventure story, or as a complex and philosophical allegory. You can read it as a standalone work, or as a part of a trilogy that includes Momo and The Mirror in the Mirror. You can read it as a book, or as a movie, or as a musical.

However you choose to read Beskrajna Prica, there are some tips that can help you enjoy it more:

  • Read it with an open mind and heart. Let yourself be immersed in the story and the world of Fantasia. Let your imagination run wild and free.

  • Read it with curiosity and attention. Pay attention to the details and the symbols. Look for the connections and the meanings. Think about the questions and the messages.

  • Read it with respect and appreciation. Respect the author's vision and intention. Appreciate the beauty and the wisdom of his words.

Beskrajna Prica is a novel that invites you to participate in its creation and continuation. It invites you to become a part of its story and its world. It invites you to become a storyteller yourself.


Beskrajna Prica knjiga PDF download is a great way to access this classic fantasy novel by Michael Ende. You can find it online for free or buy it from an e-book platform. However you get it, you will not regret reading this amazing novel that will take you on an unforgettable journey to Fantasia.

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